The referenced picture depicts the current traffic flow pattern of the reconfigured Commons parking lot. The arrows indicate a one-way counter clockwise direction through the main parking area. What may seem wide enough to navigate through the parking lot in a two-way fashion becomes very dangerous, particularly around the curves.  Additional directional signs have been added and are placed in conspicuous locations to augment the current brown paver lane arrows.

Crosswalk to Tram Station
It’s also important to note the crosswalk which runs through the divided sections to Tram Station #4 and South Tennis.  Please note that there is an increase of walkers and bicycle traffic through this area, so drivers are asked to yield to pedestrians.

Staff parking on south end
The south parking area is being utilized by staff at this time.  While there may be spaces open just south of the tennis courts, it is important to keep in mind that vehicles are double parked to accommodate south service staff and scheduled shift changes.

No access behind Commons building
As members may already know, the area behind the Commons building is no longer a throughway for walkers and cyclists.  With the Commons expansion plan, this area’s function is dedicated to tram parking and maintenance. There is no access to the front of the Commons or tram station from the north side of the building.  Therefore, it is important to access the berm directly from Tram Station 4 and make use of the bridge from this point.  This means that walkers and cyclists whom enter from the south end, must traverse through the paver area of the parking lot.

Landscaped areas
Finally, please avoid shortcuts through landscaped areas.  What may seem to be the quickest way to the tram station or Commons building, is not necessarily the safest.  There is a high risk for unexpected slopes, unseen irrigation tripping hazards and possibly wet areas or slippery material.