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Last night, an email was sent out describing operational adjustments with Foundation amenities and facilities. This list of changes will continue to evolve and align with official governmental and CDC directives. While some have been very supportive of the Foundation’s changes, some have also been very critical.  We respect everyone’s perceptions and concerns during this crisis.  Please note that this a dynamic and constantly changing environment.  Committing to following the direction of the country’s medical experts will continue to result in the Foundation having fluctuating services and amenities open.

Here is a summary below of the various protocol changes by department until further notice:


  • Meetings that are not canceled will be conducted virtually. Details will be posted accordingly.


  • Marker 36, Sandbar, Beach Take-Out will have regular hours of operation and provide full menus.
  • Main bar areas closed, no TVs, Happy Hour suspended
  • Alcohol will continue to be served, but only as a part of table service or to go orders.
  • Capacity reduced – tables will be spaced at least 6 feet apart
  • During lunch, only tables of 10 people or less will be accommodated
  • Dining reservations are limited to 7 days in advance.


  • Will remain open.
  • Staff will set grouping of chairs, no more than 10, 6 feet apart. ie. People up to 10 may sit in close proximity to each other if they wish, but the next group will be set at least 6 feet away.


  • Will continue to run.
  • Seating limited to 4 passengers, two rear-facing and two front-facing.
  • Tram drivers will not physically handle member cards.


  • Commons front door is locked.
  • Hours reduced –  8am-5pm, weekends closed.
  • Access to the lobby area at the Commons will be limited to only those individuals actually performing transactions or business at Member Services or Guest Services. Groups or companions will not be admitted.
  • Guest card orders should be done online only. Payments can be made over the phone with a credit card by calling 239-596-6180 ext. 504.
  • No cash transactions.


  • Commons front door is locked.
  • Hours reduced 8am-5pm, weekends closed.
  • Member Services will accommodate members by appointment only by calling 239-596-6180 ext. 506. Call ahead to reduce wait times, so Member Services can complete your request prior to your arrival.
  • Groups or companions will not be admitted.


  • Tennis courts will remain open.
  • Pro Shops closed. Court assignments made through Chelsea will be posted outside the Pro Shop. (Guest fees waived.)


  • Community Center is closed.
  • Front doors are locked.


  • Will remain open.
  • Users will be asked, and reminded, to practice 6-foot distancing.
  • Any payments made at the fitness desk must be made by credit card transaction only; no cash transactions.

The Foundation will continue to monitor reports and adjust accordingly. When more information is obtained regarding other upcoming events, we will apprise the community of any specific alterations or cancellations.