Pelican Bay was founded upon preservation, conservation and development.

council_meetingIn 1972, Coral Ridge Properties – purchased more than 2,330 acres from Barron Collier. The company hired the Environmental Planning and Design Firm (EPD) to craft a plan for developing the beachfront, richly forested land with an eye toward creating a unique haven, one that would blend Florida’s natural treasures with the Naples region’s stylish sensibilities.

EPD presented two alternatives for developing the site. The first was a more conventional plan, preserving the open water areas but destroying much of the 570 acres of indigenous mangroves. The company recommended a second option. Highly progressive, reflective of conversations with local environmental officials, and today called “a model of environmental planning,” it preserved the mangrove forest and placed higher density development along its edge.

Joe Taravella, president of Coral Ridge Properties, boldly chose the second option.

The community was originally referred to as Clam Bay, but was renamed Pelican Bay in 1974.

The mangrove forest was designated a natural resource protection area by Collier County in 1982. As the master developer, WCI set aside a number of common areas to be maintained in perpetuity under the guidance of the Pelican Bay Foundation, the master homeowner’s association. The Pelican Bay Services Division (PBSD), an advisory board of Collier County, was formed to provide municipal services such as streetscape beautification, street lighting, water management and mangrove maintenance.

Today, Pelican Bay is the premier luxury community in the Naples area. The Foundation manages two exclusive beach facilities and two Gulf-front restaurants, two tennis facilities, two boardwalks, the Fitness Center and Wellness Studio, the Community Center, and approximately 90 acres of land. The Foundation also provides world-class services and amenities, including a comprehensive tram transportation system, beach amenities, covenant enforcement, safety and security, communications, member services, administrative functions, and more.

Pelican Bay History

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