Due to COVID-19 and following advice from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), all Art Classes normally held at the Community Center are suspended until further notice.

There’s no shortage of creativity in Pelican Bay, and the Art Studio is where many members go to be inspired. All experience levels are welcome, from developing artists wishing to sharpen their skills…to advanced artists looking for a space to work with others…to beginners who want to explore. Located on the second floor of the Community Center, the Art Studio offers instruction in a variety of media in addition to “open studio” time.

Art Classes/Lessons

Pelican Bay offers members a wide range of art classes and lessons open for participation each season at the Community Center. To view the calendar click here.

Offered Art Classes for the 2020 Season

Open Art Studio

Are you longing for time and space to nurture your creative self-expression? Enjoy our inspiring art studio as you work independently and explore artistically. In this art studio, YOU will:

  • Relax and enjoy time to yourself as you nurture your creative expression
  • Explore your artwork in a self-directed/non-instruction based art studio escape
  • Enjoy a real art studio amongst a community of inspired artists and creators

Storage of wet works ONLY is permitted – no supply storage is available

The Art Studio is available when classes are not being held and during the normal Community Center business hours.

Call 239-260-8998 to check availability.

For more information or to make reservations for classes, contact the front desk at 239-260-8998.