BridgeBMember organizations are one of the best ways to get involved in Pelican Bay – from the Property Owners Association and the Mangrove Action Group, Men’s Coffee, and Women’s League, these are people who get things done. And most importantly, have fun doing them. More than just a great way to meet people, member organizations help keep property values high, indulge members’ special interests and talents, and help ensure the amenities and activities in Pelican Bay remain world-class.

Pelican Bay Women’s League
The Pelican Bay Women’s League was founded in 1995 for the purpose of enriching the lives of the women in Pelican Bay through social, cultural and educational programs. pbwl1Membership in The League is open to any female resident or renter. Joining The League is a wonderful way to get to know other women in the Community and share common interests or learn new, stimulating activities.

All women of Pelican Bay are invited to join this exciting organization. For more information about membership, visit The League also has a group of Ambassadors in most communities, who can assist with membership and questions. In addition, the League publishes an e-newsletter from September through May which is always available on the PBWL’s website

Men’s Coffee
menscoffeeThe Men’s Coffee organization began in 1995 with a purpose of promoting fellowship and camaraderie among the male residents of Pelican Bay.

We invite any men who are Members, Guests or renters to join us every Tuesday morning at 9:00 am for events, which include a guest speaker along with coffee, donuts and bagels.

The group meets at the Community Center year-round. Check Pelican Bay Post or the online calendar for program announcements.

Pelican Bay Property Owners Association
The Pelican Bay Property Owners Association is an independent organization of residential property owners in Pelican Bay. Our mission is to represent and protect individual property rights and provide a collective voice in matters before the Pelican Bay Foundation and the Pelican Bay Services Division. We also provide information relevant to the community, identify and help resolve community issues, and help protect our member’s property values.”

801 Laurel Oak Drive Suite #712, Naples, FL 34108 | Phone 239-566-9707

Mangrove Action Group
magThe Mangrove Action Group (MAG) is dedicated to protecting the Clam Bay mangrove ecosystem that fronts the Pelican Bay community on the Gulf.

MAG was formed in 1996 by Pelican Bay residents who were concerned about a large area of stressed and dying mangroves in the northern end of the 570 acre Clam Bay preserve. Their concern led to a ten-year restoration plan that successfully reversed the mangrove die-off.

Despite the positive results of the restoration effort, new challenges have emerged. Protecting the Clam Bay ecosystem requires continuing vigilance. Today, the members of the Mangrove Action Group remain actively involved in efforts to:

  • Monitor the health of the Clam Bay mangrove ecosystem in Pelican Bay and alert the appropriate officials of any problems.
  • Educate Pelican Bay residents and others on the importance of mangrove ecosystems and the problems and threats facing them.
  • Support scientific study of habitats and species in Clam Bay.
  • Review and share data to support and promote the health of Clam Bay’s interrelated habitats and species.
  • Advocate to local, state and federal entities for preservation and protection of Clam Bay’s wetlands and waterways with their naturally shallow tidal meanders.
  • Support projects that maintain the natural characteristics of Clam Pass, its tidal creeks and lagoons.
  • MAG is a not-for-profit Florida corporation with a charitable 501(c)3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service. Membership and other donations are tax-deductible. Contact MAG at: Mangrove Action Group, PO Box 770404, Naples, FL 34107.