In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable playing atmosphere for all Pelican Bay members and guests, the following rules and guidelines apply:

1. Rationale

To provide reliable, safe and enjoyable tennis programs and services to eligible users as defined in the Member Rules and regulations.

2. Goal of Tennis Department

Provide an enjoyable experience for Eligible Users through a balanced program, while allowing the majority of court time for open play.

3. Eligibility to Play

3.1. Members, Tenants, Commercial Members and their employees who have been issued a Foundation ID Card, and Guests with Guest Cards may use the facilities without charge.

3.2. Visiting area players are required to pay the prevailing guest fee at check-in.

3.3. Children under 13 are not subject to guest fees, must be accompanied by an adult on court and must obey court conduct rules.

3.4. Guest fees are not charged after 11:00 a.m. in the summer.

3.5. Payment of guest fees is the responsibility of the Eligible User who reserved the court.

3.6. Visiting League teams do not pay guest fees when playing in official League matches.

3.7. All players are required to check in at the Pro Shop. Players except those who reserved a court through Chelsea are required to present their Foundation ID Card at the Pro Shop.

3.8. Upon implementation of the card swipe system, all players will be required to present their Foundation ID Card at the Pro Shop.

4. Reservations

4.1. Court use is for a maximum of 90 minutes per reservation.

4.2. Court reservations may be obtained in one of the following ways:

4.2.1. Members, Tenants, and Commercial Members may use the automated phone and/or computerized reservation system, CHELSEA (Chelsea).

4.2.2. All Eligible Users may contact the South Pro Shop up to three days before play as an add-on, or at either tennis facility the day of play as a walk-on.

4.3. Doubles court requests through Chelsea must contain at least three eligible players who will actually be playing. Additional points may be levied against every player on a court when a player is substituted at check-in.

4.4. Guests with Foundation ID Cards playing on their own may only reserve a court after the Chelsea system processes requests for play on the day requested.

4.5. Written requests or telephone messages left for reservations are not considered valid requests for reservations.

4.6. Chelsea will not accept more than one reservation request for the same day. Once a day has been processed, additional courts may be reserved on an as-available basis for that day by contacting the South Pro Shop.

4.7. Eligible Users are expected to cancel reservations prior to the scheduled time of play if they do not intend to use them. Cancellations more than three days in advance are made through the Chelsea system. Cancellations within three days are made through the South Pro Shop.

4.8. The ball machine is available for an hourly fee after 11:00 a.m. October through April, and anytime May through September on an as-available basis. It may be requested by calling a Pro Shop within three days of play.

4.9. Eligible Users who play in Chelsea-created reservations will accrue points as follows:

4.9.1. All a.m. play.

4.9.2. 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. play.

4.9.3. Substitutes in a Chelsea court reservation.

4.9.4. a.m. Round-Robins.

4.10. Eligible Users will not accrue Chelsea points for:

         4.10.1. Add-ons and Walk-ons.

         4.10.2. Rain-outs.

5. Holding Courts

A court will be held for 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. Thereafter, the court will be subject to reassignment.

6. Hours of Operation

Tennis courts are available from 8 a.m. to dusk at the South Tennis Center and from 8 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the North Tennis Center. Pro Shop hours are posted at both tennis centers, subject to change by management.

7. Court Attire

7.1. Appropriate tennis attire is required. Beach clothing, cutoffs, sports bras, bathing suits and men’s tank tops are not permitted.

7.2. Only tennis shoes are allowed on the courts.

8. Court Conduct

8.1. Avoid retrieving balls that land in other courts while play is in session. It is up to the player on court to call a let.

8.2. When returning a ball to another court, wait until the point is completed.

8.3. Do not walk across or behind any occupied court.

8.4. Refrain from excessive, loud or abusive conversation including profanity and/or cursing.

8.5. Food and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on court.

8.6. Do not play past your time if others are waiting. If additional time is needed, check with the Pro Shop to reserve extra time.

8.7. Do not attempt to take a court if play is in progress. Wait until the point is over; then notify the players on the court that your time has begun.

8.8. Do not arrive early and stand next to your court while the previous group is still playing.

8.9. Do not interrupt the Pro when he/she is conducting a lesson. Wait until the lesson is finished, or leave a message in the Pro Shop.

9. Violations

Violations shall be dealt with as referred to in the Member Code of Conduct.

10. Round-Robins

10.1. Round-Robins are scheduled weekly and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis for eligible players.

10.2. If a player is not selected to play, he/she will be guaranteed participation the following week.

10.3. All players are called four days before play to confirm.

10.4. Members and Tenants have priority for round-robins. Guests (with or without Guest Cards) and Commercial Members with Foundation ID Cards may participate in round-robins on an as-needed, fill-in basis once Members have been confirmed and spaces are open. Visiting children or grandchildren may sign up the same as a Member in advance.

11. Tennis Instruction

Courts 1 and 18 are reserved for instruction including private lessons, group lessons, clinics, and League team practice. Only one Pro per facility may conduct lessons during prime time at each facility (8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.), November through April. Additional courts may be reserved in the afternoon. Instruction is limited to Eligible Users. Those taking instruction are required to check in at the Pro Shop before play and to pay the appropriate fees.

12. League Teams.

See Appendix A below.

13. Suspension of Play

Tennis operations may be suspended:

13.1. Due to cold weather, rain, or wet conditions.

13.2. When the lightning detection system is activated.

13.3. As otherwise directed by the Tennis Manager or designee.

14. Private Tennis Events

14.1. The intent for private tennis events is to provide for increased member events and activity. Participants must be Eligible Users with a Foundation-issued ID card or visiting area players, who will be required to pay the prevailing tennis guest fee. The number of visiting area players must be consistent with the 10% policy established for the Community Center.

14.2. The event sponsor/organizer must cover all Foundation expenses related to the event in regard to extended pro shop hours, security staff, and cleanup as needed.

14.3. Requests are limited to Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons in season and as available off season.

14.4. Requests for in-season may be made after May 1st through the Tennis Manager.

14.5. Requests are for special events only.

14.6. Court reservations may not exceed four hours and are limited to one facility.

14.7. The event may not involve any type of commercial or business promotion or sales activity.

14.8. The event may be held for the benefit of an approved Pelican Bay Member Organization Charity.

14.9. Events involving the preparation and serving of food or alcohol must be provided by the Foundation’s Catering department following the established procedures for contact, guarantee counts, staffing and attendance control.

14.10. Pre-packaged snacks and sodas may be provided by the event sponsor/organizer.

14.11. An exemption has been granted to the Friday men’s group that does not include participation by Eligible Users or visiting area players.


Foundation Board of Directors Approval: 8 May 1996
Amended and Approved: 25 March 1998
Amended and Approved: 25 November 2002
Amended and Approved: 23 June 2003
Amended and Approved: 24 November 2003
Amended and Approved: 22 March 2004
Amended and Approved: 19 November 2007
Amended and Approved: 24 January 2008
Amended and Approved: 24 March 2008
Amended and Approved: 21 November 2008
Amended and Approved: 17 December 2010


Appendix A: League Teams

League registration is open to all Eligible Users (as defined in Rules & Regulations, Paragraph 1).

1. Eligibility

Team rosters must be made up of Eligible Users. A maximum of three Non-Eligible Users may be on a team. Non-Eligible Users pay the prevailing guest fee for home matches.

2. Number of Players Allowed on a Team

As USTA fields three courts year-round, and CTA fields three courts in the fall and four courts in winter, USTA team rosters should consist of approximately 12 players and 14 for CTA, as determined by the Captain/s.

3. Team Practice with Pro

3.1. Up to two courts may be reserved in advance for team practice with the Pro. This practice is by choice and is not required. Staff reserves courts through Chelsea for Pro practice. Team members may reserve an additional court through Chelsea and play practice matches adjacent to the Pro’s courts.

3.2. Practice will be in the afternoon during high season (January-April).

3.3. The prevailing Pro fee is paid equally by each player in attendance.

3.4. Any other team practice, not with the Pro, shall be booked through Chelsea.

4. Captain’s Role

4.1. Each team elects a captain or may choose to elect two co-captains for each season. The captains shall:

         4.1.1.   Check with Tennis Manager for availability of court space for team.

         4.1.2.   Deliver match schedule to Tennis Manager in a timely manner.

         4.1.3.   Work with Pro to establish the roster, pair players, collect fees where applicable and submit roster to Division.

  4.1.4.   Serve as the contact with team members for scheduling, practice and matches.

4.1.5.   Serve as communication link between team, Pros and staff for all aspects of team matters.

4.1.6.   Report and record match scores.

5. Pro’s Role

5.1. Schedule and conduct practice.

5.2. Work with captain to establish roster and pair players.

6. Players’ Role

6.1. Register and pay the required League fees and USTA League memberships, where necessary.

6.2. Provide an accurate self-rating or USTA rating verified by USTA Website.

6.3. Sign up in advance for all League seasons, before the roster deadlines.

7. Match Scheduling

7.1. Courts 1, 2 and 4, and 11-14, are generally reserved for matches.

7.2. Home matches are to be played in the afternoon during high season (January-April).

7.3. Only one home match per facility may be played per time slot. More than one match may be scheduled on the same day at the same facility, but cannot overlap.

7.4. Tennis staff coordinates court reservations through Chelsea for all teams.

7.5. Special consideration may be granted on a case-by-case basis for a team playoff that requires several courts.

7.6. In the event there are two or more teams on the same level, the Division is requested to schedule only one home on the day of play.