Protecting Pelican Bay’s most popular amenity is a priority for all our members. Read on for rules and guidelines.

1. Rationale

Provide reliable, safe, and enjoyable beach services and programs to eligible users as defined in the Member Rules and Regulations.

2. Beach Operations

2.1. Sailboat users must be authorized by staff.

2.2. Kayak users must complete a waiver prior to use.

2.3. Equipment will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis upon presentation of a Foundation-issued ID card.

2.4. Standard beach equipment issue is two chairs or lounges and one umbrella or cabana per present couple eligible user and one less chair per present single eligible user. An eligible user (Member or Tenant), may request standard issue quantities for up to seven guests as long as they are present at the time of request. Guests with a Foundation-issued ID card may not bring guests.

2.5. Beach equipment is provided from 8:30 am until sunset November 1st through April 30th. In compliance with the Sea Turtle Protection Act, all equipment is to be removed by sunset from May 1 through October 31st. During this period beach service resumes each day after sea turtle monitoring has been completed.

2.6. Beach equipment when not in use for more than an hour may be picked up by beach attendants and re-distributed.

2.7. Persons bringing their own chairs or other beach equipment are required to remove the equipment after use. Personal beach equipment may not be left at the beach when not in the immediate use and presence of the owner.

2.8. Foundation-issued beach chairs may be placed in the water up to, but not above, seat level.

2.9. Restaurant furniture may not be taken to the beach.

2.10. The Beach Attendants are not lifeguards; all persons swim at their own risk.

2.11. Live shells may not be collected.

2.12. Fishing, games, ball playing, Frisbee, etc. are not permitted in populated areas.

2.13. Glass is prohibited on the beach.

2.14. Radios may not be played without earphones.

2.15. Cooking on the beach is prohibited.

3. Ceasing Service

Beach operations may be curtailed for the following reasons:

3.1. In cold weather.

3.2. Rainstorms.

3.3. When the lightning alarm has sounded.


Foundation Board of Directors Approval: 8 May 1996
Amended and Approved: 25 November 2002
Amended and Approved: 24 November 2003
Amended and Approved: 28 June 2004
Amended and Approved: 21 November 2008
Amended and Approved: 17 December 2010