For members who wish to set sail, read on for rules in place to ensure everyone stays safe.

1. Rationale

Provide sailboats for experienced sailors who are eligible users as defined in the Member Rules and Regulations.

2. Application

2.1. Only eligible users with a Foundation-issued ID card may apply to sail.

2.2. Application consists of completion of the Foundation’s Waiver of Liability/Agreement, payment of a one-time application fee, and successful completion of a hands-on sailing demonstration with Foundation staff.

2.3. Applicants must be at least eighteen years old.

2.4. Applicant must have skills to sail competently as defined and authorized at the sole discretion of sailing authorizers.

3. Operations and Safety Rules

3.1. Only authorized sailors named on the sailing list may operate a sailboat.

3.2. A Foundation-issued ID card must be presented to the beach attendant by the person who will be operating the sailboat. The individual’s name will be checked on the authorized sailor’s list by staff.

3.3. Life jackets are to be worn by all occupants at all times when sailing.

3.4. Friends and family may sail with the authorized operator of a sailboat and must be at least six years old. All passengers under the age of eighteen must be named on an additional waiver prior to sailing.

3.5. Sailing is not allowed in winds over 15 mph and in rough seas (surf over three feet). If excess winds develop, immediately proceed to shore. The Beach Attendants have final word on safe weather conditions.

3.6. When the sailboat departs, the authorized operator is responsible for themselves, others in the boat, and the sailboat. Beach Attendants are not lifeguards and will call Sea Tow or 911 for assistance if a sailboat has been tipped over longer than 30 minutes. The operator of the sailboat will be responsible for payment of all charges.

3.7. When sailing, stay within the established boundaries. Boundaries are a half-mile out, no further south than the Naples Grande, and no further north than the North Beach facility.

3.8. Sailing time is limited to one hour. However, that may be extended if others are not waiting, which is indicated by the L-Flag on shore. If the flag is up, come back to shore and sign in for another time to sail. Sailing hours are from 8:30 am to sunset.

4. Fees

A one-time application fee is required.

5. Rules and Policy Violations

Safe sailing is imperative for a safe sailing operation. Failure to abide by the rules may result in suspension of privileges as defined in the Member Code of Conduct.


Foundation Board Approval: 22 January 2010
Amended and Approved: 26 February 2010
Amended and Approved: 17 December 2010