It has been necessary to revise meeting room configurations in order to work within CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and safety. The result is a considerable part of each meeting room must remain open for movement. In some cases, smaller meetings will be able to successfully distance within the same space, but in others, attendance and participation will be reduced. To add, there can be no type of self-serve/buffet food service. Food and beverage can be provided if the group or organization provides a server with a face mask and gloves serving one person at a time.

Meeting Rooms

The Community Center has two gracious, well-equipped meeting rooms:

Hammock Oak Room – Designed for large-scale activities such as banquets, Town Halls and board meetings, this 3,600-square-foot room is divisible into three smaller spaces, and is available for private, fee-based member use.

Mangrove Room – A 2,100-square-foot room located on the second floor and hosts small-scale activities from fitness classes to bridge lessons.

Official Pelican Bay member organizations and homeowner associations are not required to pay room-use fees. 

The Community Center ballroom, Hammock Oak, is available year round from 9am to 10pm, excluding holidays.

SITE FEES:  $400 each Hammock Oak room, $350 for the Veranda.  If all three Hammock Oak rooms are reserved, the Veranda is included at no additional fee. Site fees include china, glass, silverware, risers/skirting for entertainment, dance floor, chairs, and banquet/buffet tables; site fees do not include dance floor setup & breakdown, linens, AV tech, chair covers, centerpieces and chafing dishes.

Please contact the Community Center at 239-260-8998 for booking information and site availability.