Meeting Rooms

The Community Center has two gracious, well-equipped meeting rooms:

Hammock Oak Room – Designed for large-scale activities such as banquets, Town Halls and board meetings, this 3,600-square-foot room is divisible into three smaller spaces, and is available for private, fee-based member use.

Mangrove Room – A 2,100-square-foot room located on the second floor and hosts small-scale activities from fitness classes to bridge lessons.

Official Pelican Bay member organizations and homeowner associations are not required to pay room-use fees. 

The Community Center ballroom, Hammock Oak, is available year round from 9am to 10pm, excluding holidays.

SITE FEES:  $450 each Hammock Oak room, $400 for the Veranda.  If all three Hammock Oak rooms are reserved, the Veranda is included at no additional fee. Site fees include china, glass, silverware, risers/skirting for entertainment, dance floor, chairs, and banquet/buffet tables; site fees do not include dance floor setup & breakdown, linens, AV tech, chair covers, centerpieces and chafing dishes.

Please contact the Community Center at 239-799-6286 for booking information and site availability.