April Timmons

CoreAlign/Pilates Reformer Instructor


“Anyone can improve their fitness level and health, no matter what level they are at. Little improvements give hope to continue on and experience even more gains. I truly enjoy working with all fitness levels and I try to make it fun, while educating along the way.”

Practice Areas
Pilates Reformer
Buff Bones Mat Pilates

Education, Certifications and Training
CoreAlign 1 and 2
Pilates Reformer 1 and 2
Buff Bones Mat Pilates

Specializations and Experience
I gravitated towards full body, skill oriented exercise; CoreAlign and Pilates. Because of my dance and acrobatic background, they complement and build upon my experience in these areas. I recently retired from massage therapy after 19 years, this gives me even more knowledge to better help my clients.

Pilates and CoreAlign are fitness oriented, but helping my clients bodies move correctly is my goal. This will carry over into other areas of their lives, they can live in less pain and endure more stamina to live and enjoy their life.


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