Joanna Chipi

Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer



“Everyone must choose between one of two pains. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

Practice Areas
Weight Training

Education, Certifications and Training
5000+ Yoga teaching hours

Specializations and Experience
At the age of 12, Joanna was a level 9 consecutive state champion gymnast. A fracture in her lumbar spine would painfully and abruptly halt Joanna’s gymnastics career. In her quest for healing, she found yoga in high school and fell in love with Bikram yoga.

In her early 20’s, she completed a 9-month yoga teacher training program. Upon graduation, Joanna immediately started teaching yoga full-time. At the age of 27, she opened 2 of her very own yoga studios, where she studied with Iyengar teacher Eddie Modestini. He had personally studied in India under the legends of Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar.

Joanna has hosted four international yoga retreats in Costa Rica, has hand-written her own 200-hour yoga teacher training manuals, and has offered yoga to ages pre-school and 80+. With over 5000 teaching hours under her belt, she has trained professional athletes, was a model for two yoga apps and magazines, and once taught to 600 people, including the local mayor and singer Michael Franti.

Joanna’s offerings are rooted in functional movement with a focus on body awareness. When working with Joanna, one will gain knowledge and experience in the foundational building blocks of success and longevity for the mind, body, and soul. With Joanna, you will study strength, conditioning, flexibility, breath work, meditation, visualization, mobility, and stability training, all of which she has gained from her 3-decade long history in gymnastics, weight training, and yoga.


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