Michael Simons


Michael Simons

Personal Trainer


“With 36+ years in rehab exercise, I can communicate with your medical team to create a program to safely improve function.”

Practice Areas
Personal Training
Medical Exercise Programming

Education, Certifications and Training
American Council of Sports Medicine, Medical Exercise Specialist (MES)
ACSM Certified Exercise Specialist
Exercise Science Major
Adaptive Physical Education
Athletic Trainer Certification

Specializations and Experience
I have 36 years of extensive training in rehabilitation and medical exercise.

I am a certified Medical Exercise Professional, providing exercise programming for clients with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic disorders. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer, and I have trained in the Rehab Exercise field for my entire 36-year career. In the 1990s, I developed my own rehab exercise clinic in Dayton, Ohio…I taught conditioning majors at the University of Dayton… and I have trained and certified other trainers throughout the mid-west.

My unique style of Rehab Exercise focuses on restoring functionally physical levels for my clients. I can communicate with your doctor, therapist or chiropractor to ensure the exercise program will improve your functionality and not exacerbate your condition. My specialty is in medical exercise programs developed specifically for individuals with medical conditions, post-operative / physical therapy, long-term loss of function and extended de-conditioned fitness levels.


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