Olea DeFore


Olea DeFore, RN, BSN, AFP

Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor


“I’m The Fitness Nurse, and my training has taught me that everyone can do something! Movement is achievement.”

Practice Areas
Personal Training
Group Fitness

Education, Certifications and Training
Registered Nurse
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Certified in:
Personal Training
Group Fitness
Weight Training
Fitness Practitioner
American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified
American College of Sports Medicine Certified

Specializations and Experience
I spent 26 years in full-time practice as a Registered Nurse, including critical care, cardiopulmonary rehab, and nursing and wellness center administration. I have also spent 30 years teaching group fitness at Pelican Bay, and have more than three decades of fitness instruction experience that includes expertise in training people with special needs and disabilities.

My approach is personal, practical, sensible, positive and straight-forward – integrating my professional experience, current exercise and nutrition education, and best training methods so that each individual in my program can be safely motivated and guided to successfully live their best life.

My philosophy: Movement is achievement. Everyone can do something. And, beginning is half done. It Takes Energy to Make Energy, and Quality Practice makes Progress! Therefore, I call my group exercise program in Pelican Bay “Strength, Balance, and Flexibility: Everybody’s Workout. Anybody can do it and Most Everybody Should!”


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