Scott Bumgarner


Scott Bumgarner

Personal Trainer


“I concentrate on three areas: balance, core and flexibility.”

Practice Areas
Personal Training
Nutritional guidance
Small group training
Stretching classes

Education, Certifications and Training
Attended National Personal Training Institute (NPTI)
Certified Personal Trainer and nutritional specialist
Graduated top in class with diploma recognized by the Department of Education

Specializations and Experience
I finished school majoring in Functional and Resistance Training of Older Adults. I started personal training in 2010 and have completed thousands of sessions at Pelican Bay since 2012.

I have created programs to meet the specific health needs of adults over 50. I concentrate on three main areas: Balance, Core and Flexibility. I like to combine resistance exercises with balance and control. Stretching improves flexibility and helps maintain strength. By evaluating your needs, my programs put the best plan forward for achieving your goals.


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