Within Pelican Bay’s 88 acres of parks and recreation areas is a tranquil, natural haven – perfect for biking, blading, jogging or a leisurely stroll – nestled between Pelican Bay Boulevard and the Gulf of Mexico. An interwoven network of berms and boardwalks meanders through one of Florida’s most treasured, private nature preserves, providing miles of navigable pathways for members to enjoy the indigenous vegetation and diverse wildlife.

To ensure Pelican Bay members are able to make the most of every beautiful Florida day, parks and picnic areas are located throughout the property, and water stands are available to refresh, at Tram Stations 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8; the North and South Tennis Centers; the Sandbar restaurant (South Beach) and Marker 36 (North Beach).

Bicycling/Roller Blading

The North and South Berms are ideal places for cycling and blading, with miles of private, paved paths lined with mangroves, palms and other natural foliage. Although bicycles and blades are not permitted on the intersecting boardwalks, there are plenty of bike racks conveniently located throughout the property, at Tram Stations 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8; the North and South tennis centers; and the entry to The Commons building.

Both Pelican Bay Boulevard and Gulf Park Drive have shared lane markings on the outside lanes, guiding cyclists to the safest part of the road and reminding drivers to share the streets. Florida state law requires motorists to allow three feet between their vehicle and any bicycle they are passing; riding in the “sharrow,” or marked areas, maximizes cyclists’ safety and helps drivers anticipate the possible presence of bicycles.

Pelican Bay Berm/Boardwalk Mileage Map:

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