The most convenient – and pleasant – way to get around Pelican Bay? The open-air, electric-powered tram system, with eight Stations conveniently located throughout the community’s recreation areas and nature preserve. Friendly, knowledgeable drivers make more than 900,000 trips annually, providing members with effortless, convenient service to Pelican Bay’s untouched conservation areas, Gulf-side restaurants, beach facilities, berms and boardwalks.

The tram system operates from 7:30 a.m. to after-dinner hours. Information about Station locations, wheelchair-accessible service and more is provided below. Questions? Call 239-597-8081.

Berm Safety

Getting Around

  Station 1:  South Berm (access to Naples Grande Beach Resort, Clam Pass Beach)

  Station 2:  South Boardwalk

  Station 3:  South Beach (Sandbar and Beach Take-Out)

  Station 4:  Commons Parking

  Station 5:  Marker 36 Parking

  Station 6:  North Boardwalk (Beach Walk)

  Station 7:  North Beach (Marker 36)

  Station 8:  North Parking

Along the South Berm, south of Tram Station 2, eight (8) call boxes are available for members on less frequent tram routes to radio drivers directly for pick-up. They are located at the walkover bridges that connect the South Berm at Grosvenor, Chanteclair, Glenview, Stratford, St. Nicole, Heron, St. Tropez and Dorchester. To operate the call boxes: (1) Push the big red button and wait for the driver to respond. (If no response is made within 30 seconds, press the button again.) (2) After response, push and hold the button to notify the driver of the number of people in the party and any special accommodations needed. (3) Release the button to listen for confirmation.

Wheelchair-accessible trams are available by appointment. Call the front desk of The Commons at 239-597-8081 to make a reservation. Advance notice of at least 24 hours is recommended to avoid long wait times. If the front desk is closed, contact Security at 239-877-7573 to make arrangements.



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Know Before You Go

  • Tram drivers are required to scan a Foundation-issued membership card or guest card for verification before boarding.
  • Please inform the driver of how many members, guests and children are in your party.
  • Shuttle service between the North and South areas of the property can be arranged with notification made to the drivers on duty.
  • Tram system tends to be busy during peak season, so please plan accordingly. To help ensure efficient service, please have a Foundation-issued membership card or guest card ready to present upon boarding.
  • Children under the age of 13 may not sit on the rear seat unless accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.
  • Reservations are not accepted for tram transportation.

Staying Safe

Member safety is top priority. In 2009, Pelican Bay installed one of North America’s most highly regarded lightning predictors, the Thor Guard alert system. Monitors are fixed at all tram stations, and other Foundation facilities, displaying a radar map and accompanying alert message.

ALL CLEAR indicates stable conditions. CAUTION means that atmospheric conditions could be conducive to lightning, and trams will stage at the beach restaurants to assist any members who wish to head home at this point. The most critical level, RED ALERT, is signaled by one long horn blast. From North Beach, trams will make one last trip to Station 6 (Beach Walk) and Station 5 (Marker 36 Parking Lot), with a final destination at Station 4 (The Commons). From South Beach, trams will make one last trip to Station 4 (The Commons). Then, operations will shut down until ALL CLEAR is signaled by three short horn blasts.

Pelican Bay members can have this technology at their fingertips – just download the mobile app. For more weather tools to help make plans, click here.


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