Beach Access: The Board and the management team are committed to restoring beach access as soon as possible. Currently, it is not expected prior to calendar year end and will be a single access point at South Beach. We are in the process of obtaining reconstruction plans and ensuring the actual beach is clear of hazardous debris presenting safety concerns. The current plan is to restore a transportation network as extensively as we can to service south beach. Access to north beach is expected to be closed indefinitely to expedite restoration of Marker 36 and north beach access.

Restaurants: Both restaurants sustained significant damage and there is very little prospect that they can be restored prior to end of upcoming season. Of the two restaurants, Marker 36 has been evaluated by our General Contractor and their engineers as being able to be restored the quickest. While the ramps and stairways have sustained significant damage from the deck up, most of the damage is manageable. The most compelling challenges are underneath the deck with the infrastructure (electric, gas, water, sewer, fire suppression, fiber optics) all having catastrophic damage. We have already begun efforts to restore the restaurant and the beach access but again it will probably be later in calendar year 2023 before that facility is accessible. The plans for Sandbar will be developed while Marker 36 is being reconstructed and construction timelines will be communicated once we have more information.

Tennis: As described in this communication, north tennis is now completely open, and the contractor will begin work at south tennis courts. South tennis was inundated with approximately 5 ft. of salt water and other debris, resulting in the need to rebuild courts. The process will entail removing existing court material, inspecting for other damage, rebuilding the court surface, repairing fencing, and addressing any other items that may have been damaged but not immediately visible. We expect to have these courts back by early calendar year 2023.

Commons: Consistent with the damage to south tennis, the ground level receiving, transportation, facilities and material storage area was under 5 ft. of water and is considered a total loss. We have immediately started the filing of insurance claims and the ordering of replacement equipment, materials, and supplies. This will be dependent upon an already-strained supply chain and availability of product and materials.

Staffing: The Foundation continues to ensure staff are supported and are taking appropriate measures to take care of our valued year-round staff. The team has rallied around each other in amazing ways. Further, we proactively contacted expected seasonal restaurant staff to terminate our contract with them. They appreciated the information regarding impacts to our facilities, allowing them to make alternative plans for the season