Monika’s Beach Fitness classes are starting back this Monday, October 19th at South Beach. Low Impact Aerobics at 8am and Buns, Legs and Tummy at 9:30am.

Low Impact Aerobics: This is a fun-filled aerobics class with different styles of music every week. The choreography is easy on the joints but can have a medium to high intensity to achieve a great cardiovascular fitness. *Low Impact Aerobics / Interval: (only Wednesdays) Included in this aerobics class are 3-5 intervals of strength and balance training for a perfectly balanced and effective workout.

Buttocks, Legs & Tummy (BLT)This body sculpting class uses hand weights, tubing, body bars and/or your own body weight as resistance to tone and strengthen your skeletal muscles. The emphasis lies on the core muscles—buttocks, legs and abs, but will also include other muscles. The class finishes with a long stretching phase to maintain a healthy balance of strength and flexibility.

Indoor Fitness Reminder

Missy’s popular indoor Yoga Stretch begins again at 9am on Tuesday October 20th.

Yoga Stretch: A yoga class designed to help you relax, unwind, and release tension and stress. This class is gentle, slow paced, and incorporates only sitting and lying down postures. The focus is on improving flexibility while calming the mind. Benefits of this type of Yoga include lower blood pressure and increased mobility and circulation in the joints. Missy says, “This class is appropriate for everybody, and even more “advanced” students will appreciate the deep relaxation this class provides.”

In response to COVID-19, we are taking all the necessary precautions for outdoor and indoor group fitness classes and in line with CDC guidelines.  This includes increased cleaning schedules by disinfecting all equipment before and after each class. Masks must be worn up to the beginning of class and put back on immediately after class. All participants must always maintain the required social distancing of 6 feet apart. We have also installed the Reme Halo air purification system in the HVAC system to aid in eliminating bacteria, mold and viruses on contact.

All classes are $15 each and must be paid by credit card only. We look forward to seeing you soon!