So that everyone can make full use of the berm and enjoy their travel, please keep in mind the following as head to and from the beach:

  • Bicyclists are asked to please use a bell or call out “on your left” when passing others.
  • Pedestrians are asked to remain alert for bicyclists and trams approaching from ahead and behind, staying to one side to safely allow them to pass.
  • Special caution is advised for everyone when approaching tram stations.
  • Please remember the person overtaking others has the responsibility to pass safely.
  • Bicycles, roller bladers, and pets are not allowed on the boardwalks to the beach.
  • All electro mechanical powered vehicles other than electric wheelchairs and handicap mobility scooters, or Foundation operated trams and golf carts, are prohibited from the berms, boardwalks and decks.
  • Prohibited electro mechanical powered vehicles include personal golf carts, motorized bikes, electric bikes, Segways, powered two-wheel scooters, powered hoverboards and powered roller blades.

The Foundation would like to emphasize the importance of practicing good bike safety while riding on the berm such as:

  • Make sure all equipment on the bicycle is in working order (brakes, gears, tires, etc.).
  • All bicycle riders and passengers under age 16 are required by Florida Law to wear a helmet.
  • Wear appropriate shoes (such as sneakers).
  • Pay attention. Do not wear headphones so that you can hear the traffic and pedestrians around you. Never text and ride.
  • Use a bell or call out “on your left” when passing others.
  • Obey all traffic laws, including signs and signals when riding on the berm.
  • If riding between the hours of sunset and sunrise, Florida Law requires that the front of the bike be equipped with a headlight lamp which exhibits a white light visible for 500 feet, and the rear of the bike equipped with a taillight lamp and reflector visible for 600 feet.

If members would like to make full use of the current Rules & Regulations, they can be found here.