Last September, the Foundation scheduled a three-phase project to sealcoat the berm. Due to Hurricane Irma, this project was deferred and will resume this month beginning Monday, June 11. With efforts to maintain beach operations at both North and South Beach, the project will be implemented in various stages throughout the course of a week and a half, pending suitable weather conditions.

The first phase will begin the next day on Monday, June 11 to Tuesday, June 12. The berm will be closed from Station #2 (north of the boardwalk) to Station #6 (Beach Walk). Please note this closure includes Station #5 (Marker 36 Parking Lot).

Access to South Beach
It is important to note that there will be no access to the berm from Station #4 at the Commons.

Shuttle Bus Route
To circumvent this specific closure, a shuttle bus will be available to pick members up from the Commons and be shuttled and dropped off at the Glencove/Chanteclair access and Crayton Road. From there, members can take a shuttle to Sandbar/South Beach. Members MUST NOT park along Glenview Place nor access any surrounding association private property. Emergency vehicles and the shuttle bus must have clear access.

Access to North Beach
Access to North Beach will also be limited with no access from Station #5 at the Marker 36 parking lot. However, there will be access to North Beach from Station #8 (North Parking Lot).

Members have the opportunity to park at North Parking Lot/Station 8 and take a tram to North Beach. Beach Walk will also be open to walkers for access to North Beach via Station #6.

For details on all three phases, stay tuned to the June edition of the Pelican Bay Post.