by the History Book Subcommittee
What do you love about Pelican Bay? You may not realize that many of the things we enjoy were rooted in decisions made as early as the 1970s. A new group is working to create a book that will celebrate the unique history of Pelican Bay–a premiere locale created ahead of its time, coexisting with nature, offering the best of everything. We have approval to proceed with the project, but an author is needed to write about our wonderful community. We need a writer to not only record our almost 50-year history, but through text and photographs, capture the essence of the paradise that we call home. If you are an author who would like to know more about this project, please contact the History Book Subcommittee at
 This subcommittee reports to the Member Policies & Relations Committee, one of the standing committees that serve under the Pelican Bay Foundation Board.