Cast your vote for the Declaration Amendment

At the February 18, 2022 Board of Directors meeting the Board authorized the purpose and process for amending the Second Amended and Restated Declaration and General Protective Covenants of Pelican Bay. Subsequently, the enclosed proposed amendment was run in the Mid-March edition of the Pelican Bay Post. At the March 25, 2022 Board of Directors meeting the Board authorized the amendment language, and set May 6, 2022 for a Special Meeting of the Members to determine the outcome of the Membership vote.

The purpose of the amendment is to provide the Foundation Board with the ability to choose the best financial option to add pickleball as an amenity for the community without diminishing the existing inventory of tennis courts. This may require leasing for either pickleball or tennis. To date, the Pelican Bay Foundation (Foundation) has been confined to pursue only acquisition opportunities as Florida Statute (720.31(6)) prohibits leasing recreational facilities unless otherwise provided for by the Declaration. Pelican Bay’s Declaration does not provide that option.

To date, a weighted total of 7,937 Pelican Bay voting interests have returned valid paper or electronic amendment proxies, representing 26.1% of the total voting interests.

Our hopes are to reach the required fifty percent threshold by Friday, May 6 at the Special Meeting of the Membership when voting closes. Read below to learn how to submit your vote.

Voting Process

The process for voting on this declaration amendment will be similar to the most recent Board election season.

Both the physical and electronic proxies were sent within the last few days. If you did not previously consent to electronic voting, please look for the envelope in the mail.


For those who have chosen to receive your proxy in the mail, follow the instructions on the top of the proxy and place it in the return envelope. For quicker results, use the unique username and password found on your proxy to vote online at

In efforts to ensure your paper proxy is valid, please remember to:

1.  Insert the name of your proxyholder in the blank line if other than the Officer listed.

2.  Check off either “YES” or “NO” for the proposed amendment to the Declaration.

3.  Sign and date the proxy

4.  Insert your address and the name of your association under the signature lines.

For those that have previously opted to receive electronic information from the Foundation, an email was sent to retrieve your username and password to vote online at

If you have attempted to search your mail or e-mail and do not have a proxy, you have two options:

·     Send your information to Amanda Emory at and then the tabulation firm will contact you directly with your unique Voter ID and Password.

·     If you are in Naples, you can obtain a blank paper proxy by visiting Member Services at The Commons during regular business hours.

If you have questions about this possible Declaration amendment to provide for leasing to accommodate a recreational amenity, please send your inquiries to Please choose “Declaration Amendment” in the subject line.

Click here to read the full declaration amendment article in the Mid March Pelican Bay Post.


Association Breakdown for Voting as April 13, 2022