Why is it important to vote?

The purpose of the amendment is to provide the Foundation Board with the ability to choose the best financial option to add pickleball as an amenity for the community without diminishing the existing inventory of tennis courts. This may require leasing for either pickleball or tennis. To date, the Pelican Bay Foundation (Foundation) has been confined to pursue only acquisition opportunities as Florida Statute (720.31(6)) prohibits leasing recreational facilities unless otherwise provided for by the Declaration. Pelican Bay’s Declaration does not provide that option.

To date, a weighted total of 2,548 Pelican Bay voting interests have returned valid paper or electronic amendment proxies, representing 32.1% of the total voting interests.

Our hopes are to reach the required fifty percent threshold by Friday, May 6 at the Special Meeting of the Membership when voting closes. Read below to learn how to submit your vote.

How to Vote

In order to vote for the Declaration Amendment, you will need a unique Voter ID and Password. This should be found on a paper proxy that was mailed to you or an email that was sent if you have consented to receiving election information electronically.

If you did not receive your proxy, click here to download and complete your proxy.

Once you have filled out your proxy in it’s entirety, you can either email it to pelicanbayfoundation@pelicanbay.org or you can bring it to The Commons or Community during regular business hours, listed below.

The Commons & Community Center Business Hours

Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm