The Collier County Sheriff’s Office has changed the way it delivers warnings for false alarm activations.

In an effort to eliminate written false alarm warnings, CCSO has developed a new method for automating the process by instantly notifying an alarm system owner via text or email.

As alarm users register and opt into this text/email notification process, deputies will no longer need to manually write a warning.

The goal is to increase the number of registrants, residential and commercial, so that eventually the agency will be paper-free from false alarm warnings.

There is no charge for the first two false alarms in a 180-day period, if the alarm system is registered. An owner may incur a violation if a system isn’t registered. A citation may be issued for a second and subsequent false alarm.

Automatic notifications are available only to registered users who sign up to receive them.

To register your alarm system, go to Or visit the Collier County Sheriff’s Office website On the homepage, go to “My CCSO” and click on “False Alarm Bureau Program & Test” and that will bring up the link to the registration website.

Enter your email as a first-time user. You will then receive a password in your email. If you do not receive one, check your spam/junk. Be sure to include your key holder information. A key holder is someone who does not live at the alarm site and can respond to your residence in the event of the alarm owner’s absence. This person may be a friend, neighbor, relative, or a home watch service. For a business, a key holder is the person responsible such as a manager, assistant manager or a designated person in charge or responding to alarms.

Be sure to click on “save” then “submit” in order for the registration to be sent for processing. You will then receive a confirmation email once the Alarm Bureau has processed your registration.

Alarm systems in Collier County must be registered per county ordinance 2019-04. There is no fee to register an alarm site, although it is required every two years.

Deputies respond to thousands of false alarms every year. CCSO encourages alarm system owners to use their burglary alarm system and to educate themselves on how to avoid false alarm activations.

Contact the Collier County Sheriff’s Office False Alarm Bureau for additional information or questions at 239-252-0503 or 239-252-0502, or email