Collier County Emergency Management continues to monitor closely the track of Tropical Storm Dorian. While Collier County remains in the southern extreme of the broad forecast cone, the possibility of some severe weather remains in the forecast. We remind residents to continue their efforts to review their hurricane plan and supplies. We do not anticipate any storm surge flooding based on current track models, although afternoon rains and a King Tide may impact our immediate coast if this storm exits through Collier County.

County crews are in the process of checking drainage inlets and swales along Collier County roadways and ask that residents and property owners call (239) 252-8924 to advise of excessively high water in swales or flooded roadways.

Property owners and tenants are asked to assist with keeping drainage structures, swales/ditches and drainage grates on their property clear of debris. Toys, palm fronds, tree branches and other items can block drainage structures and cover drainage grates, which reduces the ability of stormwater to flow and can cause flooding of streets and private property. Travelers are reminded not to drive on roads that are under water. If you cannot see the pavement markings or the edge of pavement, it is best not to risk driving into the water.

Collier County Public Utilities has added an additional 32 emergency back-up systems to its inventory since 2017, bringing the total emergency standby equipment inventory to 127 units. The utility continues daily coordination with Florida Power & Light for tree trimming and system hardening efforts. Staff has made 100 generator cables in-house to speed the distribution of external generator resources, should they be needed.

Now is a good time to revisit your individual, family and business hurricane preparedness plan and supplies. Residents are encouraged to use this opportunity to sign-up at no charge for Collier County’s Alert Collier emergency notification system.

Alert Collier allows officials with Collier County Emergency Management the ability to send alerts directly to residents and visitors via phone (landline and cell), email, text messages, and hearing-impaired receiving devices about issues that may affect their safety, such as notifications of severe weather, evacuations, power outages and more.

Residents must sign-up to receive Alert Collier emergency alerts. All residents and visitors are urged to sign-up today at

It’s also essential that your family be ready before a storm approaches, and that you have a Four-Day Survival Kit prepared.

Power outages and other long-lasting impacts from a hurricane require that each household be prepared with supplies for a minimum of four-days for each person – don’t forget the pets!

At the minimum, your Four-Day Disaster Survival Kit should contain the following.

Food – at least enough for four days for every person (and pet)
Water – at least one gallon per day per person (four gallons per person, plus extra for the pets)
Clothing – seasonal/rain gear/sturdy shoes
First Aid Kit (including medicines and prescription drugs)
Mosquito Spray
Special Items – for babies and the elderly
Toiletries (hygiene items/moisture wipes)
Toys (books and games)
Important Documents (in a waterproof container) – insurance policies, medical records, bank account/mortgage deeds/titles, Social Security cards, birth certificates, etc.
Cash – banks and ATMs won’t be open during power failures
Cell Phone Car Chargers
Keys – extra set of home and car keys
Radio – Battery operated and NOAA weather radio
Tools – keep a set with you during the storm
Pet care items
-proper identification/immunization records/medications
-ample supply of food and water
-a carrier or cage
-muzzle and leash
Don’t forget to fill your vehicles’ fuel tanks.

For more information about Alert Collier visit CollierEM.Org or call 3-1-1 or 239-252-8999. For evacuation zone information visit CollierEM.Org or download the free Collier 311 App for smartphones through the Apple App Store or Google Play.