Join us on July 30th at the Community Center parking lot, 8960 Hammock Oak Drive, for blood donations with the Community Blood Center.

Donations are needed as the Coronavirus outbreak continues to sustain and maintain a sufficient blood supply.  Donors should bring and wear masks or facial coverings.

Thursday, July 30, 9-11:30 a.m.

Call 597-8081 to sign up for an arrival to ensure proper social distancing.

All you need is a photo ID, eat a meal before giving blood, and be well hydrated on donation day.  Minimum weight is 110 lbs, minimum age is 16 with a parent present, and you’re never too old to donate.  Please note that FDA and CDC guidelines are being followed.

Sudden blood drive changes/cancellations can occur. Call 239-624-4120, option 4 to check for operational changes before donating.