The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is cautioning residents to be aware that distraction burglars are again at work in our community.
These criminals generally target senior citizens by deceiving and distracting the victim. They typically pose as tree trimmers, appliance repair workers or contractors pointing to a problem with a roof.
Deputies are investigating a burglary in Golden Gate on Monday in which a man and woman posing as tree trimmers tricked their way into a residence.
The man showed up at the residence Friday and negotiated tree trimming work with the homeowner. He returned Monday with a woman.┬áThe woman led the owners into the back yard where she marked trees with blue tape, while the man entered the residence through the unlocked front door and removed the owner’s jewelry from a room. The man and woman communicated with each other via walkie talkies.
An investigation continues.


CCSO urges all residents to take certain precautions if there is a stranger at the door.


Our Crime Prevention Bureau offers these safety tips:
* Be suspicious of workers who arrive unannounced.
* Never allow a stranger to come into your house.
* Don’t be rushed into emergency repairs. Discuss the problem with a relative, trusted friend or a reputable business by getting a second estimate and confirming the problem.
* Do not provide deposits for work before work is started.
* Do not pay the service until all work is complete and correct.
* Ask for identification and call the company. When calling, have the employee wait outside of your residence and use a number from the phone book and not a number given to you by the worker.
* Always notify CCSO if persons are going from door to door trying to sell you a service or a product , even if they appear to be legitimate. Let deputies confirm their occupational license or the validity of their company. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
* Anyone worried about a suspicious person should call 911 immediately with a description of the individual and vehicle. Don’t put off calling. Deputies need to know right away what is happening on your street.