Demolition work continues to be ongoing and in line with scheduling.  The demolition of the multi-purpose deck structure is complete and demo work is continuing for the Sandbar structure.
Footing and piling work is advancing which includes concrete footing installation.  The helical piles are complete and wood piling work finishes tomorrow.  The new take-out facility is also making good progress with its rebuild.
Week 3 pictures may be viewed on the Foundation website by clicking the Members tab and choosing Photo Gallery or by clicking the picture above.
During this time, please be mindful of all listed closures throughout the renovation project to ensure your safety. Hazardous areas can be created by general construction traffic and material transport.  Foundation staff is readily available to assist in communicating alternate routes and closures.
What is closed?
Sunset Cafe
Multi-purpose deck
Picnic pod
Access to South Beach
Also, no trams will be heading to South Beach during construction.
Berm and North Beach Users:
It is also important to note that berm users may still access the South Berm.  However, there will be no access to the Boardwalk.  This area will be gated off and used for construction material transport.  Members who traverse the South Beach from the North Beach may not come onto the construction site and expect to use the South Boardwalk.  Beach walkers must travel back up to North Beach to use the North Boardwalk, restrooms or ride a tram.
Tram Routes:
For members and guests who normally ride the tram along the South Berm, trams are transporting people to Station 4 at the Commons where members can then transfer to a tram heading to North Beach and Marker 36.
South Parking Lot Section at Commons:
The south parking lot is closed for member use.  This lot is used strictly for Foundation deliveries, construction equipment and vehicles relating to the project.  This area will be deemed unsafe to walk or drive through.  A gate and signage are posted indicating that this is a construction area.
Hours at Marker 36:
Marker 36 restaurant is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. through Memorial Day.