By the Elections Committee 

In a few days the mystery will be over and the candidates for the 2021 Foundation election will be revealed. It is the responsibility of every Pelican Bay owner to get to know as much about the candidates as possible and to vote for the two of his or her choice.

To help you decide for whom to vote, candidates will have published in the mid-February “Pelican Bay Post” articles of up to 600 words each, giving their positions on what they perceive to be the important issues facing Pelican Bay. Those same articles will appear on our website,, in mid-February. Recorded video presentations also will be available on our website later in the month, with each candidate having up to five minutes for filming to share his or her views as well as background, experience and skills.

The Foundation will host a candidate forum on Wednesday, February 17 at 4:00 PM virtual or in person at a yet determined location. In addition to hearing candidates answer questions from the moderator, members will have an opportunity to pose their own questions directly to the candidates. Attending the forum is an excellent way to get to know the candidates firsthand.

Ballots and proxies will be mailed to the primary owner of each unit on February 17. Casting your ballot and signing the proxy can both be done online or by mail, but we strongly encourage every voter to vote online. After you receive your voting package, simply go to and enter the unique control number and password you will find on the ballot mailed to you. You then will be able to vote for up to two candidates and sign the proxy electronically. The proxy will only be used for the purpose of establishing a quorum at the 2021 Annual Meeting and approving minutes of the 2020 meeting, and not for any other business.

Ballots must be voted online or received in the mail by March 22, (5:00 PM). On March 24 at 3:00 PM the vote will be announced virtual or in person at a yet determined location and on March 29 at 9:00 AM, the results will be officially recorded at the Annual Meeting.

Voting electronically is easy, saves time and costs the Foundation less than voting by mail.