Strength, Balance and Flexibility (SBF) – Eileen

August 11, 2020 • 9:30 am – 10:30 am
@ Community Center

Group Fitness Class: $10 per class (payment by credit card only)

About SBF:

Uses weight room principles of strength training of upper and lowerbody muscles, using weights, exer-tubes and your body weight to strengthen and shape all major muscle groups, combined with static and dynamic balance exercises to enhance sports performance and prevent falls. The class finishes with stretching for major muscles to promote functional flexibility and muscle balance. The instructor includes fitness and nutrition tips, as well as biomechanical adaptations so that each student can be successful.

Precautions being taken for Fitness Classes:

  • Class size limited to 20
  • Social distancing rules will apply adhering to a minimum of 6 ft apart.
  • Enter through the main Community Center doors. A staff member will check you in. Payment of $10 will be by credit card only.
  • Foot traffic will be in one direction only. You will go up the main inside stairs and come down the outside stairs by the tennis courts.
  • You will proceed directly up the stairs and to the fitness room to get equipment and pick your spot.
  • Equipment will be sanitized prior to class and participants will also be asked to wipe down their equipment before and after class.
  • After class you will proceed to the back exit and walk down the outside stairs by the tennis courts.