At the Friday, February 23, 2018 Board of Directors meeting, the Facilities chairman presented a motion to approve that the Option B – one-story renovation of South Beach be moved on to the Construction Drawings (CD) Phase. Additionally, a motion was made to approve spending an amount not to exceed $200,000 from the Capital Fund for the construction drawings for the South Beach renovation project.

After careful consideration of member comments, each Board member presented their in-depth and conclusive thoughts on which option they chose. After Board discussion, the Board voted 5 to 2 to approve funds for construction drawings for Option B – one-story renovation of the South Beach facilities.

Members are thanked for attending the two community forums and numerous Board and committee meetings as well as providing valuable input throughout the process in making this important decision.

The Foundation will continue to communicate the next steps and present opportunities for member feedback in future posted meetings.

To review the Option B – one-story renovation plans or renderings, sign in to, click the Members tab, Documents and then choose “South Beach Facilities Renovation” under “Improvement Projects”. For the most recent community forum video held on Wednesday, February 20, please click the Members tab and then “Video Gallery”.