As we continue to move forward in the recovery process after Hurricane Ian, it’s clear that a significant amount of work needs to be done.

The Foundation is focusing on three priorities:

#1 Beach Access
This will be done at south beach. Note that this will be solely beach access, with limited tram service to get there. This most likely will not occur in 2022, and a definitive date is unknown at this time. Building ramps and setting up the access is Pelican Bay’s responsibility, but we also need Mother Nature to cooperate.

#2 Restoration of Marker 36
We anticipate not having beach restaurants this season, and we will work extremely hard to reopen Marker 36 by next season. The focus will be on restoring Marker 36/north beach since it sustained less damage and should take less time to repair. The boardwalk will remain closed to provide equipment and material access. Infrastructure (plumbing, sewer, electrical, lift stations, etc.) will need to be rebuilt, which will entail county permitting.

#3 Restoration of Sandbar
Once Marker 36 is restored, work can begin on the Sandbar. The dilemma is whether we rebuild “as is” or re-evaluate and redesign. The re-evaluate /redesign will have significantly more complexities, processes, permitting, and approvals. The Facilities Committee is working to explore both of these options and will seek member input once we have a better understanding of costs and time to completion.

Thank You!
We appreciate the outpouring of support, encouragement, and patience. These are unprecedented times, and as will recover, it will take teamwork, understanding, perseverance, and patience. We are fortunate to have what we do, and soon we will restore Pelican Bay to be even better than ever before!