The National Weather Service advises of hazardous weather expected to reach late last night and in today.

Beach staff has mobilized and secured all beach equipment in preparation for tomorrow’s gusty winds and heavy rains.

Entertainment with Omar Baker at Marker 36 is canceled due to expected severe weather.

The National Weather Service further explains that the wind is forecast to exceed 20 kts in the off shore Gulf waters in the early morning hours, which may cause hazardous marine conditions for small craft. Also, there is a chance of strong gusts over the Gulf waters due to thunderstorms. The risk for rip currents on all South Florida beaches will also likely increase during this time.

Some of the thunderstorms could become strong to severe, especially this afternoon into the evening. Gusty wind, heavy rainfall, and lightning are the primary threats. Gulf coast beaches could see at least some minor coastal flooding during high tides late this week, due to the strong westerly winds and the westerly swell.