It’s summer time in Pelican Bay and now is a great time to plan a beach day. Next time you’re reserving beach equipment at one of our beautiful beaches in Pelican Bay, please take note of the following rules which can be found under Section 5.C. Beach, in the Foundation Rules & Regulations:

Beach equipment will be issued, based on availability, on a first-come, first-serve basis upon presentation of a Foundation Issued Card. 

  • Standard issue is one chair or lounge and one umbrella or cabana for one person.
  • For two persons, standard issue is two chairs or lounges and one umbrella or cabana.

Persons holding a Foundation Issued Card will be given standard issued quantities for up to six (6) guests providing majority of guests are present at the time of the request. Chairs may be placed in the water up to, but not above, seat level.

Leaving for more than an hour?

Beach equipment not in use for more than an hour may be picked up by beach attendants and re-distributed. Any personal equipment left on the chairs will be picked up by the attendant and taken to lost and found.

Bringing your own chairs?

Persons bringing their own chairs or other beach equipment are required to remove the equipment after use. Also, restaurant furniture may not be taken to the beach.

We encourage members to take the opportunity to refresh themselves with our Foundation Rules and Regulations which are easily accessible at After logging in, click the Member tab, and click on “Foundation Rules & Regulations”.

For additional information about Pelican Bay beaches, visit