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Yesterday, September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian made landfall as a Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph on the barrier island of Cayo Costa near Fort Myers and Cape Coral.
At one point yesterday, The Weather Channel reported wind gusts up to 112 mph in Pelican Bay.
No Power and Limited Phone Service
Due to the storm’s intensity, mass power outages are occurring in Collier and Lee Counties. Additionally, cell service is either limited or unavailable entirely in both counties.
This has caused disruptions in communications among the Foundation staff, as many of our employees are without power or reliable phone service.
Damage at Foundation Facilities
Storm surge and wind caused significant damage at several Foundation Facilities, including the beaches, restaurants, boardwalks/berm, The Commons, and South Tennis. The storm surge was estimated at potentially 8 to 10 feet. The recovery efforts for these facilities will be heavily involved.
The Commons
The Commons suffered intense storm surge damage and will need to be evaluated in the coming days for structural damage.
Beaches and Restauruants
  • Our beach facilities have sustained unprecedented damage due to the high winds and storm surge.
  • The beach ramps and stairs were severely damaged.
  • A professional assessment of the infrastructure of the beach facilities and boardwalks will be needed.
  • Staff is expecting that the beach facilities may take months to recover. Reopenings may not occur until some point during the season.
South Tennis
  • The South Tennis courts will potentially need a significant amount of work due to the storm surge.
The Community Center (Fitness & Wellness, North Tennis)
The Community Center is expected to reopen sooner than the other facilities, but a definitive reopening has not been determined at this time. Stay tuned for an update on when the Community Center will reopen.
We are urging members to stay away from the boardwalks and beaches. The boardwalks and beaches will remain closed during the recovery efforts due to unsafe conditions.
Next Steps
Our staff is currently working to properly assess the damage and determine the next steps. The Board of Directors was provided with an initial assessment earlier this afternoon.
Comprehensive updates on the damage and availability of Foundation services will be communicated to the membership as information becomes available.
We appreciate your patience during this difficult time.