It has been a full month since Hurricane Ian caused unprecedented damage to Pelican Bay Foundation amenities. In that month, Pelican Bay staff and contractors have provided nearly 19,000 work hours towards cleanup efforts. 1,220 dumpster loads have been hauled away, equating to 32,940 cubic feet of debris removal. Foundation staff and our contractors have been moving along parallel paths clean-up debris and restore facilities and services. One month past Hurricane Ian and the Community Center and north tennis are fully restored, providing for fitness & wellness, social gathering and activities, meetings, bridge, etc.

We are excited to announce the reopening of South Tennis on November 14th ahead of our projected schedule, again due to our staff being able to work expediently with our contractors, and the Board of Directors rapidly executing emergency powers to authorize funding. Our teams have worked diligently to resolve issues with power, plumbing, irrigation, landscaping, cleaning, coffee service, equipment, fencing, supplies and complete court rebuilding to reopen as soon as possible.

Please note that following reopening of Community Center court areas, which were much less damaged than South Tennis courts, unforeseen and unknowable equipment issues arose. South Tennis may experience similar issues once full activities resume.

Additionally, limited tram services will resume on November 14th to help service South Tennis and the Commons. The tram services will operate from 8 am to 4 pm, limited to the berm length (in blue on the map), North from Station 4 to Station 8, and South from Station 4 to Station 1 (St. Tropez), as shown on the below map. (Please note that there is no power running to the callboxes along the south berm.) The trams currently available are limited to four members/guests. Please note tram stations 4 and 6 remain without power and may not have water or member card scanners available.

Food and Beverage staff have been working diligently on recovering and removing materials in various areas where it is deemed safe after Hurricane Ian. Initial efforts were focused operations at the Commons which encompasses the restoration of the receiving area, and repositioning workspaces and temporary storage.

After assessing damage at the beach and once it was safe to traverse the boardwalk, F&B staff began their cleaning at Marker 36 because it had sustained less damage where they were able to sanitize equipment and surfaces. Sandbar became a challenge in sorting minimal salvageable materials left due to the impact of Ian’s storm surge. However, they were able to recover some equipment. When Belfor, Pelican Bay’s dedicated disaster recovery team, came on-site, staff also supported their efforts in trash and equipment relocation.

Our team also continues to be dedicated to certain strategic initiatives like continuing to find the best solution for an integrated point of sale system while also exploring ways to sustain F&B outlets, creating fun and memorable experience for our members and guests this season.

Our priorities remain as: #1 South beach access, #2 Marker 36 restoration, #3 Sandbar restoration. We will communicate expected timelines for these priorities as soon as we can. South beach access is currently expected in early 2023 and Marker 36 restoration is currently expected by next season. Contractors are currently mobilizing to address these first two priorities. Sandbar restoration timeline will be dependent upon plans from the Facilities committee after considering member feedback and determining viable revisions within regulatory parameters