The Strategic Planning Committee along with the Foundation Board of Directors will be seeking member input and implementing an online survey to the community this season. This survey will be distributed this season to all owners who have their email address on file with the Foundation.  This is a great opportunity to help the Board understand levels of satisfaction, use of amenities and how your input can guide the present and future direction of Pelican Bay.  A specific deployment date and duration of the online survey will be communicated in the near future.

To ensure we are reaching the most people and attaining data from a large sample, we ask that members ensure they have registered their email address with Member Services. This can be done by emailing your name and member number to Alternatively, you can also visit Member Services at the Commons, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

It is also important to point out that by you receiving this email does not guarantee that you are automatically registered with the Foundation’s club software database which is responsible for sending out the online survey.  (The Foundation uses a separate third party email campaign database to send out the weekly e-newsletter and various e-blasts but your email addresses may not be on file with Member Services.)