The Pelican Bay Foundation is currently making preparations and putting precautions in place ahead of Hurricane Dorian. While the storm is now projected to make landfall early Tuesday morning on the East coast of the state, we are still observing the storm and weather forecasts closely. Tropical Storm force winds are projected to reach Southwest Florida sometime on Sunday, which is a concern for the Foundation. We are preparing for such winds now. Members are encouraged to take individual precautions to shop now for water, nonperishable foods, supplies, and fuel. The Foundation will continue to update members on any developments and on hours of operation for the coming days.

Ahead of Hurricane Dorian’s arrival, the Foundation wants to provide members with several different resources to have the latest informationĀ 

  • Click here to view the NOAA updates on Dorian – Advisories will be released from NOAA every three hours while the Bahamas are in a Hurricane Watch
  • Click here to register for Alert Collier emergency notification system, and for additional information on Dorian
  • provides information on how to be best prepared for Natural Disasters and emergencies. For information on Hurricanes and Storm Surge, click here
  • Click here to view emergency information for Hurricane Dorian on the Florida Disaster website
    • Mobile Applications recommended by Florida Disaster
      • Florida Storms – Florida Public Radio Emergency Network (Google Play & iTunes)
      • Florida 511 – Get up-to-the-minute, real-time traffic conditions and incident information for the State of Florida with Florida 511.
      • FEMA – mobile app
      • Red Cross – mobile apps
      • Byte to Bites – Byte to Bites is a free mobile application designed to help people find local food pantries, soup kitchens, farmers markets and locations where they can use Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. After a disaster, people may have limited transportation options and the app can be helpful in finding the nearest food distribution location. Apple App Store Google Play
      • Gas Buddy – Gas stations availability
  • Click here to view the local weather and for the latest stories on Hurricane Dorian from The Weather Channel
  • As Summit Broadband customers in Pelican Bay, you can watch The Weather Channel live on Channel 9 – To view the full Pelican Bay Channel Lineup, click hereĀ 
  • Click here to follow the Pelican Bay Facebook – Updates on the Facebook are re-posted from other sources