As part of the community’s continuing efforts to go paperless, the Pelican Bay Foundation is offering members the option to receive official Foundation election information, electronically.

By filling out an e-form on our website, consent is given to Pelican Bay Foundation for you to receive election information, electronically.  Once this form is submitted, Pelican Bay Foundation will not send through direct mail election notifications and election ballots.

To be eligible to receive your voting information electronically for the upcoming 2019 elections, you must complete the online consent form by February 2, 2019. Additionally, by completing this form you are consenting to submitting your proxy and/or voting online for future elections.

You may also visit Member Services if you wish to fill out a hard copy of the form. Please be aware that only one email address per member account is permitted. If you own more than one property within Pelican Bay, please provide all addresses that you would like to be able to vote on behalf.

It’s easy! Go directly to