The Pilates Reformer Tower is an exercise machine used to incorporate these Pilates exercise techniques with benefits to boost endurance, develop a stronger core. Other benefits relating to fall prevention include increased levels of muscle strength in the lower limbs, dorsal and abdominal levels, improved gait patterns which increases speed of strides and length and increased confidence in balance all around.

The Fitness Center has developed a private studio to offer one-on-one concierge service with Pilates movement principles. Our skilled trainers can provide the ultimate Pilates Reformer training you have been looking for. For more information on Pilates and the Pilates Reformer tower, please feel free to give the Fitness Center a call at 597-7332, ext. 2, even if you are in your early stage research and want your questions answered. However, we want you take advantage of this month’s special! Kimba is offering a 25 minute complimentary introductory session for anyone who has not tried the Reformer but is willing to give it a try. This special is good for the month of March and we hope that you will reap as many health benefits as you can from the Pilates reformer.