The Foundation is wrapping up renovations at Marker 36 for its reopening on November 3, 2020. Renovations included areas of indoor dining flooring, substructure remediation and access point control adjustments for service and takeout areas. The most noticeable change will be the outdoor dining and bar areas. There is improved separation between outdoor dining and the bar deck area. The bar area can only be accessed by those who are seated at the bar in order to eliminate overcrowding in the area.

As the Pelican Bay Foundation will be enforcing social distancing guidelines and existing mask requirements as we get set to reopen Marker 36, it is important to note that the bar area will only be accessed by those who are seated either at the bar or at a table.  There will be no standing areas.  However, a new take-out service area / walk-up bar area has been constructed at the south end of the Marker 36 bar, where patrons will be able to order and pick up your drink or for consumption on the multi-purpose deck or on the beach.   Consistent with the Sandbar, capacities at Marker 36 with social distancing will be less than what they have been in the past, so please call ahead for information on availability for the bar of lunch, or for dinner reservations.  Marker 36 will also have additional pagers so those waiting for a dining table, can distance themselves from anyone else who is waiting.

For further details on repairs completed throughout the summer, please read the October edition of the Pelican Bay Post. We anticipate that these modifications will improve your dining experience and operational efficiency. We look forward to seeing you in November. Please stay tuned to the Pelican Bay Post for the launch of menu items and our Thanksgiving menu at Marker 36!