The Pelican Bay Foundation Media Ad Hoc Committee is seeking members who would like to serve on the Media Ad Hoc Committee. The Media Ad Hoc Committee meetings are held as necessary to accomplish the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Investigate alternatives for TV infrastructure (broadcast, subscription, and streaming)
  2. Investigate alternatives for Telephone infrastructure (analog, digital, and IP telephony).
  3. Investigate alternatives for Internet infrastructure (megabit, gigabit, wired, wireless).
  4. Learn what other communities are doing for their media infrastructure services.
  5. Compare construction, monthly, annual, and bulk costs of various alternatives, inclusive of regulatory fees and taxes.
  6. Provide information to Pelican Bay Board and Members about the state of current infrastructure and future possibilities.
  7. Monitor provider performance with regard to service quality, customer service, responsiveness, and meeting contractual obligations.
  8. During the contract period maintain an awareness of technology/competitive trends that threaten to reduce the competitiveness or effectiveness of the current offering.
  9. Be an advocate for the community and foundation in dispute resolution with the provider, if necessary.

Its purpose is to review the media infrastructure within Pelican Bay with a view of the future. The Committee will explore options available with the goal of providing media services at competitive costs which reflect current and next-generation technologies. Maintain a working relationship with the senior management of Pelican Bay Foundation and the selected provider to review the performance of the provider, responsiveness to Pelican Bay residents, and compliance with contractual obligations.

The committee is looking for candidates who possess telecommunications, data communications, finance, technology, legal and/or project management skills.

The committee meets both virtually and in-person on an as-needed basis. Those interested are requested to submit an application form for review, which makes recommendations to the Pelican Bay Foundation Board of Directors for committee appointments. The application form can be found on the