The Design Review Committee helps owners realize their own objectives while implementing the overall vision that distinguishes Pelican Bay from other communities located in Naples by focusing on specific review criteria.

  • Validity of Concept – The basic idea of the exterior change must be sound and appropriate to its surroundings.
  • Landscaping and Environment – The exterior change must not adversely impact the natural landscape or the man-made environment.
  • Relationship of Structures and Adjoining Property – The proposed change must relate harmoniously to its surroundings and to existing buildings and terrain that are visually related to the change.
  • Consideration of Neighbors – The interests of neighboring owners and the owner’s property rights are protected by making reasonable provisions for such matters as water drainage, sound buffers, privacy, light and air, and other aspects of design which may have substantial effects on neighboring property.
  • Design Compatibility – The proposed change must be compatible with the design characteristics of the applicant’s home and the general neighborhood setting. Compatibility is defined as harmony in design, style, scale, materials, finish(es), color and construction details.
  • Scale – The three-dimensional size of the proposed change must relate satisfactorily to adjacent structures and its surroundings.
  • Materials – Continuity is established by use of the same or compatible materials as used in the home.
  • Color – Must be consistent with the neighborhood’s color scheme.
  • Workmanship – The quality of work must be equal to or better than that of existing structures.

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