About our Design Review & Covenants Department

In an effort to work together with our residential and commercial members, it is helpful to share some information regarding the duties and responsibilities of the Design Review & Covenants Department.

The Design Review & Covenants staff includes:

Director of Design Review & Covenants                              Covenants Assistant    
Lisa Warren                                                                                    Alex Vallacchi
Email                                                                                          Email  
(239) 596-6180 Ext. 230                                                               (239) 596-6180 Ext. 237

Together, the Covenants team ensures our community is being maintained to the high standards set forth by Pelican Bay’s governing documents. The duties of the Design Review & Covenants Department are:

  • Administration and enforcement of the Second Amended and Restated Declaration and Restrictive Covenants (4-09-09) for Pelican Bay;
  • Administering and enforcing procedures for fining and/or suspension for violations or non-compliance of the governing documents, rules and regulations.
  • Maintaining architectural controls within the community through routine field inspections of all residential and commercial properties within Pelican Bay ensuring proper maintenance of properties (clean roofs, painting, landscaping, signage, dumpsters, lighting, etc.) and contacting owners regarding compliance issues.
  • Establishing the standards for design, construction and landscaping, as well as administering processes for all building modifications, renovations and new construction projects.
  • Ensuring the design review and approval processes are being followed in accordance with the Design Review Guidelines.
  • Enforcing the Construction Guidelines for all construction projects (residential and commercial) and ensuring all contractors are aware of the rules and what is required of them while working within Pelican Bay.
  • Maintaining the archive of documents (copies of plans, permits, covenants, restrictions, rules and regulations, warrants, regulatory agencies) within Pelican Bay.