How the Enforcement Process Works:

  • Our Field Inspector is out and about in the community six days a week to ensure everyone’s compliance with our governing documents.
  • On occasion, the Covenants Department will receive a complaint from a neighboring property owner or other member advising of a violation and our Field Inspector will respond.

The Foundation’s governing documents grant our Field Inspector and Covenants Department with the right to enter upon an owner’s property to view and/or document any violations noted on the exterior of the property. When possible, the Field Inspector may discuss the issue with the homeowner in the field and ask for compliance.

If the issue is considered a safety issue or nuisance issue, the Field Inspector may contact the Sheriff’s Department or Collier County Code Enforcement for additional assistance.

When necessary, the Covenants Department may send a Notice of Violation letter asking for compliance to remedy the matter within 30 days. If no remedies have been made within the 30 days, a Second Notice of Violation will be sent granting 15 days to comply and advising of the Foundation’s right to levy a fine, suspend a member’s voting rights, suspend a member’s use of the Common Areas and Amenities (restaurants, fitness center, classes, etc.).

The Foundation Board has adopted formal procedures for violations, including fines, when a homeowner does not comply with government documents, declaration of covenants and restrictions or the rules and regulations of Pelican Bay. These rules also apply if a homeowner does not obtain approval for exterior improvements.