As a property owner in Pelican Bay, whether single-family homeowner, condominium unit owner, Community Association or Commercial Property Owner, all requests for exterior projects (no matter how big or how small) must be submitted in writing to the Foundation Design Review & Covenants Department, prior to the commencement of any work.

Minor Projects – these projects are minor in scope and no Design Review Fee is required.  However, depending on the type of project, you may be required to submit the specs, materials, description and scope of the project and/or a survey.

Major Projects – these projects are considered “Major” in scope and require a Design Review Fee.  Your submission may require architectural plans, building plans, landscape plans, stormwater plans, and a boundary and/or topographical survey.  Depending on the scope of the project, your project may be reviewed in-house or turned over to the DRC for further review.

Total Renovation, Teardowns, Demolition or Rebuilding – these projects must go through a 4-Step Design Review Process with the Design Review Committee.  Design Review Fees apply for this type of project.  The application for this type of project has a checklist of required items to be submitted and no partial submittals will be accepted.

**You should anticipate the timing of your project and submit your application with plenty of time for review and re-reviews, if necessary.  Remember, work may not commence until you have obtained written approval from the Design Review & Covenants Department and/or the Design Review Committee.**

The Design Review Applications are available online and are broken down  on our applications page here:

Design Review and Covenants Applications

We encourage you to anticipate the timing of your project by allowing a minimum of 30 days for the review process to be completed.