The goal of the DRC is to create a spirit of cooperation with all of its members to protect and enhance the property values of all owners, to maintain harmony with the natural character of the community, and to ensure the aesthetic quality of the whole community.

Purpose of Design Review Guidelines

The Design Review Guidelines, as published on September 20, 2019, were established in order to implement standards and provide direction to members of Pelican Bay with exterior projects, renovations, tear-downs and rebuilding, landscaping projects, pool/spa projects and/or other exterior improvements to their property. The requirements, objectives, standards, and procedures contained within the Pelican Bay Design Review Guidelines are intended to establish, maintain, and provide overall continuity throughout the community. Compliance with these guidelines and regulations are required by all members, (homeowners, associations and commercial members). If you are unsure if your project requires approval, please feel free to contact the Covenants Department for direction.

Function of Covenants Department and Design Review Committee

The Covenants Department works in conjunction with the Design Review Committee. In Pelican Bay, it is recognized that an effective Design Review Committee (DRC) is essential to maintaining the community’s appearance, character and value. The Foundation Board has given authority to the Design Review Committee (“DRC) to review and approve, or deny, plans and specifications for the location, size, type or appearance of any structure or other improvement and to enforce the standards for the external appearance of any structure or improvement in Pelican Bay based upon aesthetic considerations.

As a reminder to all members (commercial and residential), any and all exterior changes or additions must first be submitted to the DRC for review and approval. No projects may commence unless and until approved by the DRC or the Covenants Department.

If you are unsure as to what constitutes an exterior change or addition, please feel free to contact the Covenants Department for further discussion.

Design Review Guidelines 
Construction Guidelines