Before leasing your Pelican Bay home, you must submit the following documents to The Commons AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR to the start of the lease:

  • Pelican Bay Lease Application Form for the current year
  • $300 non-refundable fee for two Pelican Bay Tenant IDs (Make checks payable to Pelican Bay Foundation.) A fee of $100 will be charged for each additional tenant membership card.
  • If applicable, a copy of the Condominium/Homeowners’ Association Approval of Tenants form
  • If Condominium/Homeowners’ Association Approval of Tenants form is not applicable, a copy of the lease should be submitted
  • ALL MEMBERSHIP CARDS issued for the property, including owners, dependents, significant others, etc. (Temporary membership cards will be issued for the period between surrender of these cards and the start date of the lease.)

If these documents are not submitted at least 30 days prior to the start of the lease, there may be a delay – sometimes as long as 30 days – in issuance of the identification cards necessary for your tenants to fully enjoy Pelican Bay amenities and activities.

Click here for Lease Application

Leasing – Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I lease my property?
Members can lease a single-family home in Pelican Bay up to two times per year.

At the end of the lease, how do I get my membership card back?
Membership cards are kept on file at The Commons – simply stop by and pick them up, free of charge, after the lease period ends.

Can I pick up my tenants’ cards for them?
Tenants must pick up their cards in person, and present government-issued identification, at Guest & Member Services, located the Commons Building at 6251 Pelican Bay Boulevard.

What if my tenant wants to extend the lease?
For any extensions over two weeks, all of the above paperwork must be submitted again, including a lease application form.