The following COVID-19 protocols are in place for Member and Guest Services: 

  • Face masks are required upon entering the lobby. 
  • Due to space constraints, access will be controlled. 
  • To provide for maximum transaction servicing, only one representative per party is requested to conduct any member and guest service-related business.
  • Pre-ordered guest cards online will continue to be implemented. There will be no paper forms available on site.
  • Curbside lockers will be utilized as much as possible for convenience of card, or document, pick-up.
  • Please also note that all transactions must be made by credit card only.

Foundation-issued member identification cards are all-access passes to Pelican Bay’s world-class amenities. Here are the answers to the questions most frequently asked:

How do I obtain a new membership card?

After closing on a new home in Pelican Bay, visit The Commons (6251 Pelican Bay Boulevard).

Business hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM | Saturday – Sunday CLOSED


  • Driver’s license or government-issued identification
  • Warranty deed
  • HUD1 closing statement

(Your realtor/closing agent may submit the documentation for you – check with them.)

Staff will take a photo for your membership card. Cards are free for first-time issuance or renewals.

Lost cards will be replaced for a fee of $25.

How many membership cards am I entitled to?

If ownership of the property is in “natural persons” – not in a trust, LLC, partnership or corporation – then owners named on the deed will each receive a Foundation member card.

If ownership of the property is deeded in a trust, partnership, LLC or corporation, you are entitled to two membership cards. The first one is the designee of the entity. The second one is the spouse or adult person living with the designee. No other membership cards will be issued even if there are additional members of the entity.

Children who are still dependents, are 13 or older, and have a government-issued ID that reflects the owner’s mailing address are eligible for a dependent’s membership card.

A caregiver card may be issued to a full-time, live-in caregiver who is an unrelated employee of a member, for a period of six months. A $100 fee will be assessed for caregiver cards.

How long are membership cards valid?

It depends on which association you live in, and where that association is in its cycle. Each association is on a five-year cycle, and then the cards must be renewed. Dependent’s membership cards are valid for one year at a time. Caregiver cards are good for six months before renewal.

When do membership cards need to be surrendered?

Membership cards are tied not only to a person, but to a specific property. Before the property is sold or leased, membership cards should be returned to the Foundation. If the property is sold, the member will incur a $500 fee if the cards are not turned in prior to closing. In the case of a lease, membership cards should be returned to the Foundation at least 30 days before the start of the lease to avoid any delays for the new tenant to receive rental membership cards. (The owner will be issued temporary cards to be used in the time period between surrender and the beginning of the lease.)

Do children need membership cards?

Children under 12 do not need their own membership cards, but must be accompanied by someone with a card. Teenagers 13 and over must have their own membership card (called a dependent card) if not accompanied by a member.

May I bring guests with me to the restaurants or beach?

Of course! You may take up to six people with you on your membership card. If your guest wants access to Pelican Bay facilities and amenities on their own, a guest card will need to be purchased on their behalf from Guest Services, located at The Commons building (6251 Pelican Bay Boulevard). For some amenities and activities, there are nominal fees assessed for guest usage. Please visit the relevant sections of this website to learn more.

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