A COVID vaccine program at Pelican Bay is part of a North Collier Fire & Rescue District (NCFRD) initiative in conjunction with the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) designed to drive vaccine distribution into local communities.
The FDOH contacted NCFRD and tasked them with selecting an age-appropriate community that could coordinate a high volume of vaccinations. Pelican Bay was selected because it is the largest community in the NCFRD service area that provided the greatest penetration to individuals 65 and older.
Eligibility is as follows:
  • Possess a valid Pelican Bay Foundation-issued ID Card as proof of residency
  • You are 65 years of age or older
  • You have not been previously administered the first vaccine. (This allotment of vaccines is for those who have not been administered the first round of the Moderna vaccine. This is a directive from the Florida Department of Health.)
  • Each qualified member registering on the Pelican Bay website will be automatically placed on a selection database.
  • Members will be randomly chosen by an independent third party. The Foundation will not be involved with the selection process.
  • Each member of a household must register and will be randomly selected independently of each other.
  • Members who are randomly selected will be contacted to confirm their appointment. If members do not confirm within 24 hours, the next available member will be selected.
  • You will only need to register once. Spouses cannot register together.
  • Registration must be for one individual at a time.
Registering Online
The Pelican Bay Foundation website will have a link at www.pelicanbay.org beginning on Monday, February 15, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. Members must log into their account to be able to access the registration form.
The website will also have a link to access the required FDOH form that will need to be completed prior to arrival of your appointment, and a fact sheet. Hard copies of forms will be made available at the Commons.


Booking Appointments
If you are selected with scheduling, you will be contacted via preferred contact method and an appointment will be confirmed.
Dates, times and place will be communicated to those who have been contacted for an appointment. All future appointment dates will be dependent on the availability of vaccines.
Prior to your pre-registered appointment
Members must come to the appointment with the following:
  • A valid Foundation-issued ID card for proof of residency
    • If you do not have a member card, please send your name, Pelican Bay address and a picture (a selfie is fine) by email to memberservices@pelicanbay.org. or Member Services at 239-260-8457.
  • Driver’s License for proof of age eligibility
  • Completed  Florida Department of Health Form provided prior to arrival at the Community Center. The link is found below the registration form. Additional forms are available at the Commons.
Arriving on the day and time of your appointment
  • An attendant will verify your appointment and that you have your completed Florida Department of Health form and valid Foundation-issued ID card.
  • Anyone arriving at the dedication location without both a confirmed appointment and Florida Department of Health form will need to contact the support number at 239-529-1079.
  • People will not be permitted to congregate at the vaccine distribution site.
Only if you do not have access to a computer, should you attempt to use the hotline. Leaving a message with the hotline is an alternative method of registering.  Due to anticipated volume, it will delay your registration selection.
Other important points
  • NCFRD will be administering the vaccines.
  • FDOH is responsible for the supply chain of vaccines.
  • Pelican Bay Foundation is coordinating registration.
  • An independent third party is conducting the random selection of participants to receive the vaccine.
No one on the staff of the Pelican Bay Foundation will have any knowledge of where a member may be in the selection process.


Once you receive confirmation of registration, there will be nothing else for you to do until you are contacted with a confirmation of  appointment.
We anticipate that approximately 7,000 members may be eligible for this vaccination program, so we cannot stress the importance of taking the time to read through the qualifications, process and resources that are available prior to making any inquiries with the Foundation.


We also cannot overemphasize the importance of continuing to pursue all avenues to receive the vaccine including. but not limited to, other sites within Collier, Lee, Dade County and any other sites available such as: